About the owner/manager/senior web developer

justin-01My name is Justin McWhirter, and I recently moved to Reedsport from Beaverton (mostly for family reasons, plus I’ve always loved the area). Ten years ago I founded Justin’s Web Design, a web design and site support service focused particularly on providing affordable websites for small businesses. In fact, while my colleagues proudly announced that they wouldn’t even consider accepting a website-building project for less than $1500, I was happily offering basic websites for less than $500. Today I work with a wide variety of satisfied customers from Oregon as well as in other states. (References available upon request.)

Naturally, much of my work has been invested in helping to promote and support Beaverton businesses and organizations. Fortunately, this business allows me to work from just about anywhere, so it’s easy to continue to provide seamless, personalized service for those clients.

But now that I’ve returned to my small-town, Douglas County roots — I was raised in Myrtle Creek and got my marketing degree at UCC — I’m really looking forward to working with Reedsport businesses, helping our economy to expand and thrive.